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Right now InstaGet has a variety of options, giving users the ability to run anywhere from one to 20 accounts thanks to its software; prices run from $12-$39 a month (there’s a week free trial option, too). You also have the ability to add more than one person to manage these accounts with you; up to three people at a time can have access to posting from the same handles. In four other tweets fired from Xbox Support account it is confirmed they have got access to Xbox Support twitter account too.

InstLike has been removed from Google Play and the App Store. Anyone who downloaded InstLike should change their password and then delete the app. Security Tips On average 1000 instragram followers can be bought for $15 where likes go for $30. Credit card numbers are far cheap, 1000 number are sold for $6. One of the hackers said people are willingly paying 1000’s of dollars on these spammy items and as the rise of social media continues the demand is expected to rise. With the access_token the attacker will be able to post on the victim behalf in his Facebook account, Access to his private friends list.

Users perhaps were naive to give up their passwords, but the app was sophisticated; it used a variety of ways to convince people to pay for virtual coins and spread the app. The app allocated 20 free coins per day to users. One Like would cost you one coin and one follower cost 10 coins. After those 20 daily coins, a user had to buy more with real money. The minimum purchase of 100 coins would set you back just $1, and if you referred another user to InstLike, you received 50 free coins, encouraging users to recruit new players.

Thus, hacker needed to locate some other way to get past their protection. Further complicating the issue was the fact that you can’t use a site redirection / XSS on the victim’s owner app. This is because you have no access to the files or folders on the owner app domain through the redirect_uri parameter. The problem was how the app got those likes. Users were prompted to enter their password — and hundreds of thousands did, according to Symantec — which allowed the app to go into their account and immediately begin “liking” photos they’d never seen and following strangers.

With a new year comes a new Facebook lawsuit. Two users have accused Facebook of invading their privacy and more specifically, their private messages. The users claim that Facebook is violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and using the information found in private messages to supply advertisers and marketers with ways to better target users with commercial materials. You can read the full complaint of Campbell vs. Facebook here Earlier today a small portion of our users experienced a spam incident where unwanted photos were posted from their accounts. Our security and spam team quickly took actions to secure the accounts involved, and the posted photos are being deleted.

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